18 - 20 August, 2017
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

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WorldSkills Australia - WA Competitions

WorldSkills Australia promotes and builds a skills culture, celebrates excellence and showcases vocational education and training, trades and apprenticeships. They focus on fostering careers pathways for Australia’s young people, and empowering them to become successful global citizens.


This is achieved by engaging in research, promoting skills, building careers, focusing on education and skills training in Australia, fostering international cooperation and development, and running skills competitions and leadership programs.


Every two years, more than 500 Regional Competitions are held in 35 regions across Australia. They test the skills and knowledge of 4000+ apprentices, trainees and students, who have the chance to win gold, silver and bronze medals and go on to compete at a national level.


The following 2017 Competitions will be showcased at the SkillsWest Careers Expo

from August 18 to 20 at the Perth Convention Centre.


VETiS Auto

Auto Mechanics

Heavy Vehicle


VETiS Bricklaying


Wall & Floor Tiling

VETiS Wall & Floor Tiling


Saturday & Sunday
Saturday & Sunday
Friday & Saturday
Saturday & Sunday
Friday & Saturday


Try’aSkill at the SkillsWest Careers Expo

Try’aSkill is an interactive program that allows visitors to try their hand at various skills and trades.

WorldSkills Australia’s Try’aSkill program aims to encourage people to appreciate that vocational education and training can open the door to many viable career choices. The program is a unique and exciting way of promoting trades and skills to all Australians and emphasising the importance of these vocations for business, government, and society.


Participants are guided through fun hands-on activities by industry experts, allowing them to discover the different types of techniques and tools required in a large variety of trades and skills.


Try the below at the SkillsWest Careers Expo…


Automotive - Spark plug challenge       

Beauty - Nail Painting and False Eyelash Application     

BOOM Radio - North Metropolitan TAFE Radio broadcasting from show

Bricklaying - Lay a course of bricks     

Building Design - Build a computer generated model of a building        

Chalk & Cheese Training Café - Espresso coffee making         

Children's Services - Play Based Learning - kinetic sand, goop, language and literacy information

Construction - Construction line - make a wooden tray and tile it

Engineering/Electrical/IT - Explore engineering through design and bui 

Games, Animation, Interactive, Media - Learn about visual effects, green screen etc., programming with Java, animate 2D objects and Rolly the Robot

Hair/Beauty - Braiding and up styles. Makeup and nails 

Health - Pathology - artificial bleeding arm and artificial blood, Dental, Disability Services, Aged Care

Hospitality - Cup cake decorating         

IT - Games demo, media print out gallery, threat detection demo, electronic demo          


Music - Play in a band - live band jam sessions 

Nursing (REACH) - Health checks (blood pressure)       

Photography - Photography Studio Lighting     

Plumbing - Simple pipework exercises and steady hand skill apparatus 

Printing, Mix the old with the new - letter press and computer-generated invitation        

Solid Plastering - Special effect plastering       

Sport & Fitness - Vertical jump test, sit and reach flexibility       

Spray Painting - Virtual spray painting  

Vehicle Body Building - A small air operated tipping trailer       

Virtual Welder - Virtual welding 



Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)

The Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) is Australia’s largest and only cross-sectoral community of career development practitioners. Our vision is a career development profession recognised for excellence and valued by all Australians.

As part of the association’s service to the community, our members have volunteered their time and expertise to assist members of the public at the Career Expos around Australia.


At the Perth SkillsWest Careers Expo, volunteers will offer brief resume checks; 20-minute career discussions and run daily seminars to help individuals get started on their career journeys. Practitioners who are presenting at the Expo will include…

  • Jan Coles-Dyke from CareerYOU                      
  • Carol Erkes from Career Prospecting               
  • Bev Johnson from In Focus Careers                 
  • Danielle Beck from Careers West                      
  • Lisa Laing from Laing Career Consulting            
  • Alex Drago from Career Click                            
  • Lee Miles from Quadrant Thinking
  • Shri Aiyer from myCareer Bridge                       
  • Milica Robinson from Tranquility Counselling, Psychotherapy & Career Development

See us at the Career Advice Area


Job Toolbox

Bio of Andria Wyman-Clarke

During her career, Andria has worked in every facet of human resources, including recruiting thousands of employees and setting the standard for industry best practice across different high profile brands in multiple countries. Andria has held various executive level Human Resources roles with leading global businesses including: Thales Group, Sigma Pharmaceuticals, Coles Myer and Holden. Her passion is empowering people to have a successful career.

Hear from us in the Seminar Area

Friday 18th – 9.45am, 1.15pm & 1.45pm

Saturday 19th – 12.15pm & 2.15pm

Sunday 20th – 12.15pm & 2.45pm




Science Wonderland is a unique collection of exhibits that allows you to explore, experiment and discover the world of science, technology, engineering and maths. Packed with interactive exhibits, Science Wonderland will ignite curiosity with exciting puzzles, amazing challenges and awesome tech. PLUS immerse yourself in Virtual Reality with Scitech’s Samsung Gear VR station! Supported by Oculus technology, these portable headsets allow you to explore fascinating new worlds all without leaving your seat.



Taste of Tech focuses on future technologies, and their applications now & in the future; relating to jobs, the workforce and education, plus discuss 3D printing, robotics & virtual reality!

Hear from us in the Interactive Area

Friday 18th – 10.00am & 11.30am

Saturday 19th – 11.10pm & 1.10pm

Sunday 20th – 11.10pm & 1.10pm



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