17 - 19 August, 2018
Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

2018 Show Highlights.



Visit our exciting WorldSkills Try ‘a Skill zone – try your hand at different activities and find out from the experts about a host of career options.



Learn how to butter a trowel and lay a course of bricks. The Australian Brick and Blocklaying Foundation (ABBTF) will be providing expert advice on how to become a bricklayer, how to access funding support and the benefits of a career in construction.



Test your construction skills on our production line where you will learn about carpentry, cabinetmaking and tiling. Create a tea tray or plant pot base of your own design.

You get to take the tray home with you too!



Here you will get the chance to learn how to mix plaster and learn the art of decorative plaster work with our experts. 



Get your name on the ‘Top Gear’ Try’aSkill Leader board in our driver change speed challenge. Be the fastest at putting on a racing car helmet and strapping yourself into a racing car.



Enter the world of virtual reality and test your skills as a welder.



Treat yourself to a massage and try your hand at applying make-up and nail art with our beauty specialists.



Learn how to master hair braiding and beading.



Jump behind the computer and test your ear for music by creating your own songs on an exciting music software program. Meet the musicians for a jam and find out about life in the creative industry.



Stage your own photoshoot and see the images on the big screen.



Explore the outside broadcast truck and try your hand at green screen presentation. Do you have what it takes to report live from the scene and then throw a cross back to the studio? There is only one way to find out!



Meet the broadcast team from North Metropolitan TAFE and find out what it takes to work in radio. The students will be broadcasting live from the event in the Try ‘a Skill space all weekend.



Have a go at putting an image of yourself on the front cover of a magazine and then put your creativity skills to the test in a logo design competition.



Have a go at writing and developing programming codes with functionality and learn the basics to web design and how to develop a website.



Have a go at beating the top scores in arcade video games designed by the students at Central Institute including centipede and car racing. You can also find out about the App Development courses on offer.



Step into the world of virtual reality by having a go with some VR googles or have a go at playing a virtual game of connect four. 



Witness and experience a hoist in action and learn safe tips on how to move patients with mobility issues in a safe manner. Check out the range of apps which assist people with communication issues and have a go at role playing to demonstrate how you would use these technologies.



Learn about live television recording techniques using multiple cameras and then see yourself live on the big screen in a variety of sets used by popular television shows.



Are you brushing your teeth right? Does your tooth brush get all the right areas? Have a go at using our vegetable die which will reveal plaque and the areas you are missing, and get all the tips on how to keep your teeth healthy.



Find out if you have what it takes to enter the world of health care. Get your blood pressure checked or have a go at using a hoist to move a patient in and out of bed and learn about the huge variety of professional pathways in this industry.


Information and activities are subject to change at short notice.

‘Create a Winning Resume’ Workshops

Led by triple international award-winning resume writer, Marlene Cole - learn all about the key elements of a New Generation Careers resume in these hands-on workshops. Is your resume working for you? How do you know? It needs to be getting you interviews! If it’s not, join us to find out why and make some instant changes to create a winning resume for your next step.

Friday – August 17

9.45am – 10:30am          CAREER CHANGE | Returning to the Workforce

11:00am – 11:45am        STUDENT RESUMES | First Job Seekers

12:30pm – 1:15pm          STUDENT RESUMES | First Job Seekers

1:45pm – 2:30pm            RESOURCES INDUSTRY | Mining, Oil & Gas - Construction & Maintenance

Saturday - August 18

10:15am – 11:00am        CAREER CHANGE | Returning to the Workforce

11:45am – 12:30pm        RESOURCES INDUSTRY | Mining, Oil & Gas - Construction & Maintenance

1:15pm – 2:00pm           STUDENT RESUMES | First Job Seekers

2:30pm – 3:15pm           CAREER CHANGE | Returning to the Workforce

Sunday – August 19

10:30am – 11:15am        RESOURCES INDUSTRY | Mining, Oil & Gas - Construction & Maintenance

11:45am – 12:30pm        STUDENT RESUMES | First Job Seekers

1:15pm – 2:00pm            RESOURCES INDUSTRY | Mining, Oil & Gas - Construction & Maintenance

2:30pm – 3:15pm            CAREER CHANGE | Returning to the Workforce



CAREER CHANGE | Returning to the Workforce

Are you stuck in a job that isn’t you? Burnt out? Dream of working in a new industry? Making a career change is challenging and a template resume won’t work. When most people change careers several times over in their lifetime it’s important to show transferrable skills the right way.


STUDENT RESUMES | First Job Seekers

Never had a job? Don’t think you have experience? Most job seekers struggle to come up with experience when they haven’t had a job. So what do you put on your resume when you’re still in school or just graduated? Lots, believe it or not! This is the perfect workshop if you are a student, graduate, teacher, educator or parent to really help get that first job.


RESOURCES INDUSTRY | Mining, Oil & Gas - Construction & Maintenance

Applied for hundreds of jobs with no luck? Working on site but the project is ending? Want to make the big FIFO/DIDO bucks? It’s tricky to break into this growing industry or gain that dream job unless you join a certified resume specialist in Mining & Energy/Trades & Construction who has gained clients that elusive offshore job or beaten 1000s of other trade applicants.



Beats Station at SAE Creative Media Institute - Site 14

Try out our Ableton station and make some banging beats!


Cpr Skills at Hailer Solutions Pty Ltd - Site 44

Come and try out your CPR skills with the Brayden Pro manikins – think your skills are top notch! Come and try our manikin and get real time feedback.


Facials at Australian College of Beauty Therapy - Site 27

Experience a taste of what the beauty industry is like with an advanced facial!


HTC Vive at SAE Creative Media Institute - Site 14

Immerse yourself into Virtual Reality and try out our Student developed VR Games


Improve your range of motion at Australasian College of Massage & Myotherapy – Site 27

Learn some tips & tricks to improve your range of motion when it comes to playing sport and working out!


Makeovers at Australian College of Specialist Make-up - Site 27

Stop by our demo’s area to experience mini-makeovers, make-up tutorials and more!


Mirror Boxes at Edith Cowan University - Site 18

The mirror boxes are used by Occupational therapists when working with an individual to help them overcome perceptual difficulties followed by a stroke or brain damage.


Motorsports Car at Edith Cowan University - Site 18


Sea grass at Edith Cowan University - Site 18

Showcasing the underwater gardens of the ocean


Slow-Motion at SAE Creative Media Institute - Site 14

Blow a raspberry or practice that epic hair flip in our Slow-Mo Booth


Tourniquet And Bleeding Control at Hailer Solutions - Site 44

Come and try our interactive models and learn how to apply a tourniquet in an emergency situation


Try a trade or control a robot at Department of Communities - Site 76

Get hands on at the Communities stand and try-a-trade with the women from TradeUp or control a robot with Robogals. We also have career advice from IT specialists KineticIT.


Virtual Reality at National Disability Services - Site 113

VR is a virtual reality game that provides “work experience” 

immersion into Disability Support Worker roles using real life scenes captured through 360-degree filming and utilising interactive game play.


Virtual Reality at Roy Hill - Site 46

Roy Hill’s 3D Models of Port and Processing are accommodated by the Virtual Reality (VR) gear to depict the Mine Site virtually. VR allows for a total overview of all Port and Process Plant Operations resulting in a meaningful visualisation of physical assets and plant information such as equipment, equipment IDs and operational locations.


Wacom Station at SAE Creative Media Institute – Site 14

Show off your talent on the tablets with our Wacom set-up



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